Legal Action

At Bluechip Collections, we make every effort to exhaust all collection efforts for our clients; however, in the event our advanced techniques fail to get a speedy result, we may recommend pursuing the matter via litigation.

Legal Action will only ever commence with prior written authority from you, the client. Bluechip Collections will never start the litigation process without first providing you with a strategic recommendation, an estimate on costs, and an educated prediction of a successful recovery.

Our strategic partnership with Boss Lawyers provides our clients with a streamlined and comprehensive legal service for all debt recovery needs; whether it be consumer or commercial.

Boss Lawyers pride themselves in delivering an effective, reliable and ethical service for every client in every circumstance and have the industry awards to prove it!

Boss Lawyers currently provide debt recovery legal services to insurers, local government authorities, banks, corporations and individuals.

Legal Services include:

  • Providing advice on effective recovery pathways;
  • Negotiating commercial outcomes on disputed debts;
  • Orchestrating a comprehensive service from issuing initial letters of demand, right through to bankruptcy or liquidation;
  • Issuing Claims in all domestic Court jurisdictions;
  • Obtaining judgments;
  • Issuing enforcement proceedings to recover any debts outstanding;
  • Assessing the debtor’s capacity to pay the debt(s);
  • Recovering arrears and providing advice to eliminate future risks; and
  • Management of large scale commercial and consumer recoveries.

Boss Lawyers are available to meet directly with clients on any defended matters and counter claims. No job is too big or too small!

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