Our Difference



  1. Unlike most Debt Collection Agencies, Bluechip Collections is in a unique position to offer you direct access to two award winning directors in both Credit Management and Law.
  2. Bluechip Collections does not need to establish a panel of solicitors to outsource work. We have a pragmatic internal system that is streamlined for the sole benefit of our clients.
  3. Here at Bluechip Collections, we believe that technology is truly the way of the future, so we continue to invest heavily in the latest developments to maintain a strategic edge.


In the services industry, there will always be good and bad providers that appear to be equally as competent as the other. Although it is always good to be spoiled for choice, it has never been a more important time to do your research before appointing an Australian Debt Collection Agency.

The Debt Collection industry has its fair share of cowboys, and with that comes numerous large and inefficient companies that cannot provide you with the quality of service that a boutique agency (like Bluechip Collections) can and will. Often, these cowboys and large agencies are very talented at their sales pitch but often leave you in the dark once you have signed up. What’s even worse, they put your brand and reputation at risk with their questionable practices.

Here’s some common issues that you need to avoid when engaging a Debt Collection Agency in Australia.


At Bluechip Collections, our mantra is to offer amazing service and achieve great results. By doing this, we believe that our clients will provide future work without the need to lock them down with an intimidating contract. If you or your company is currently seeking the services of a Debt Collector, please beware of any agency that makes you agree to a lock-in contract. We believe that Debt Collection should be performance based. Give us a go – if we cannot collect your money then you won’t pay any commission.


It is becoming more and more common for Debt Collection Agencies to charge an annual fee for their services. Trust us when we say that this is just a cash grab! There is absolutely no reason for an agency to require payment of an annual fee for simply having the right to refer them work.

At Bluechip Collections, we will never charge you an annual fee, nor do we see any value for you, the client, to do so. Avoid these agencies at all costs. Bluechip Collections is strictly NO COLLECTION = NO COMMISSION, so you have the peace of mind regardless of the result. If additional costs are required to successfully recover the money, we will always provide you with a cost estimate for you to approve before we proceed with the action.


Often Debt Collectors will brag about servicing thousands of clients. This should be a red flag. By proceeding with an agency who makes these claims, you are guaranteeing yourself the status of ‘just a number.’ We know this because we have years of experience in the underbelly of high-volume agencies. Not only will you be just a number, so are their staff.

High-Volume Debt Collection Agencies are infamous for having extremely high levels of staff turnover, and the unfortunate debt collectors who do survive their initial few months, are likely only trained to be compliant with privacy requirements and to read from a script.

If you require an agency who gives you a sub-standard service, then look no further than a large agency that sprouts servicing thousands of clients.


At Bluechip Collections, we openly admit that we are not the cheapest agency – but why is that? The answer is simple – we have the experience, inside knowledge and skill-set to charge what we do. Although we may offer a price match guarantee from time to time, we have the awards and reputation to prove our worth.

In the Debt Collection industry, your agency should be performance based. Consider this, would you rather go with a cheap agency who gets you no result and wastes your valuable time? Or a premium agency (like us) who gives you the absolute best chance of recovering your money.

We offer a No Collection = No Commission guarantee, so you will only pay commission on funds that we successfully recover. Cheap agencies who negotiate solely on price are to be avoided at all costs –  the cheapest is nearly always not the best. Your brand and reputation are too important to risk.


If your Debt Collection Agency isn’t producing your expected results, it could be the fault of one of many operators who have their hands on your accounts. Even if your Account Manager is relatively easy to contact, they are likely tasked to juggle 50 or more clients and are expected to priorities their larger clients first.

At Bluechip Collections, we are one of the few agencies who will give you direct access to a director. Furthermore, if we believe that we do not have a genuine chance of recovering your money, we will be upfront and likely decline to accept the job. We are not in the business of wasting your time, nor are we bound be KPI’s to sign up as many clients as possible. We hold ourselves accountable for all our actions – from point of sale, right through to the completion of the job and beyond.


As the saying goes, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.” If only all debt collection agencies in Australia would consider this. In our experience, working within both boutique and large agencies, we have seen time and time again that the standard practice for collecting a new debt is simply sending a generic demand letter and then calling with a pre-determined script. Does this approach work? Well, it can; however, in most cases, this approach is just wasting time.

At Bluechip Collections, we treat every debt as its own case, based on its own merit and with the same tenacity as if it were our own debt. We add industry leading value to our clients by first performing an analysis on the debt and then creating a strategy to expedite the recovery. Further to this, our streamlined and pragmatic system often includes a consult with our legal team; this is done so any potential hurdles can be identified prior to engaging in debt collection activity. This approach is, without a doubt, an industry leading feature that gives us the edge over many of our competitors.


Debt Collection is a service of many variables –  many of them are out of your control and ours. With this in mind, you must be cautious of agencies that allude to guaranteeing results. In most cases, agencies who make these statements sound great during their sales pitch but will likely charge you an annual fee or charge you to send demand letters. Now that they have made money from you with very little effort, they will likely then put you to the side whilst they chase their next sale.

Debt Collection is about overcoming hurdles; we cannot predetermine the number of hurdles that we will need to jump, nor can we predict the height of the hurdles, but what we do know is that we are experts at identifying those hurdles and discovering a way over them.

In a perfect world, we would guarantee results for all clients – after all, it would then ensure that we receive a commission payment for every file. In reality, we simply cannot guarantee a result, nor can we definitively predict how long our debt collection activity will take to achieve a suitable outcome. We can confirm, however, that we will give you the best possibility of recovering the money in the existing circumstances. We can also assure you that we want to be paid just as quickly and painlessly as you do.

Our job is to navigate you, our client, through the complex issues that are preventing you from receiving payment in a compliant, efficient, and pragmatic manner.

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