How we can help


Whether you are a credit manager of a multi-national, a small business owner, or someone in between, we have the solution for you.

We understand that our clients have approached us due to some form of hardship; whether that be a reduction of cash-flow, a difficult customer, lack of knowledge, resources or inexperience, a fear of not being able to pay wages, trouble with creditors, or they simply want the professionals to handle it, Bluechip Collections have industry leading experience in it all. We understand that we must also act as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance of successfully collecting the money, and ultimately, satisfaction for our clients.

We make our relationship with our clients as risk-free as possible and make the guarantee that we will only ever charge commission on a successful recovery. With our helpful advice, we may also be able to recover our costs from the debtor!

Our clients can rest assured that their debt recovery matters are in the safest hands.

Simple Ways to Smart Solutions!