How it works



The first step is to contact us to explain your situation. During this process, we will identify the possible characteristics of the debtor(s), discuss your contract and payment terms, recognise the hurdles that have prevented payments in the past, and assess the overall age of the debt(s).


Once we understand your requirements, we then advise you of our pricing model and the features contained within the scope of service. This information will be provided in writing prior to you granting us authority to act on your behalf.

Submit Debt

Submitting your debts is as simple as emailing us the information. You can also lodge your debts via our online portal. Once the debts have been loaded, our office will then contact you to confirm that collection activity is about to commence.

We Proceed

We always endeavour to commence collecting your debt within 24 hours of receiving your instructions. Our initial process is to contact the debtor via telephone, email and send them a letter, all free of charge to you. We also provide free reporting at the frequency you require.

Get Result

Receiving the money from the debtor is our specialty. With our firm but fair approach and our proven strategies, we guarantee you the quickest and most painless recovery possible.

Return your money

Once we have received your money, we can then tailor make the remitting process suitable to your needs. We can transfer your money back to you either ad-hoc, weekly, fortnight or monthly.
Simple Ways to Smart Solutions!