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  • Client Service Agreement

  • This Debt Recovery Services Agreement is made between Bluechip Collections Pty Ltd and the Client named in item 1 and commences on the date of submissions of this agreement. The parties enter into this Agreement after having read and understood the Terms and Conditions overleaf.

    Bluechip Collections Pty Ltd agrees to provide debt recovery services to the Client, and the Client agrees to retain Bluechip Collections Pty Ltd, upon the basis set out in this Agreement, comprising this Schedule, the Terms and Conditions and Annexure (if any).

  • 1. Client

  • 2. Client Contact Information

    Statements, Remittances and Reports will be sent to:
  • 3. Fees for Services

  • Commission Rate / Fee Structure
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    Schedule of Fees
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  • 4. Signatories

  • Signed on behalf of the client
  • 5. Services

  • Standard Services comprise:
    Joining Fee FREE
    Debt Strategy Consultation (telephone) FREE
    Credit Application Review FREE
    Calls (standard) FREE
    Emails (standard) FREE
    Text Messages (standard) FREE
    Demand Letters (standard) FREE
    Dedicated Account Manager FREE
    Skip Tracing (standard) FREE
    Reporting FREE
    Portal Access FREE
    Cancellation Fee FREE
    Legal Action Management FREE
    Read Client Service Agreement here
    I hereby authorise Bluechip Collections to act on our behalf for the collection of accounts and in matters relating to all collections and legal action deemed necessary as instructed by clients to recover monies due and owing.
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